What's keeping you from your weight loss or health and fitness goal? What's your weakness? What are your Limiting Factors? We all have many different genotypes, lifestyles and ideas about what's good for us and what's not. Your ability to lose fat, get healthier and/or gain muscle depends on a few things.

One of the most commonly used reason (well excuse) out there is the Genetic Makeup.
This reason or excuse, for some is highly unlikely to be the reason for your weight loss/fitness failure.
It's a huge mistake to assume that your limiting factor is base solely on your genetic makeup. I mean, let's be real here. Each of us do have certain limitations, of course. Not every one is equipped to play quarterback in the NFL, spike or block a volleyball, run a marathon or hang with me in a zumba class! Not everyone has the genetic makeup to reach the extreme limits of human performance. But, despite your genetics you CAN improve your health, lose fat and/or gain muscle. With the right changes you can almost always see improvements in your health profile and performance.

Now let's take a look at your Physical Activity pattern.
Especially if you are completely sedentary. If you do nothing more than move from one piece of furniture to the next, then this ( or lack of physical activity) could be a limiting factor for you.
Becoming fit, leaner, looking good naked all require both an active lifestyle as well as a commitment to engage in purposeful, intense exercise. Those who sit all day, just to move to a more comfortable spot to sit some more are most likely on the fast track to metabolic decline, fat gain, muscle loss and lifestyle related diseases. When you increase the number of steps you take each and everyday (10,000 or more), that is considered "active." You must increase your level of intense, purposeful physical activity. Only then will the magic begin! Of course it doesn't just begin or end with exercise.

The next and BIGGEST cause for weight loss and fitness failure and unmet goals is Nutrition. Too many folks are over weight and unhealthy with too little muscle and too much fat, which lead to many health problems.
They move too little and eat too much (or at least too much of the wrong things). So if you are physically active then check your eating habits.
Poor nutrition can hold anyone back from your fitness/health goals. Good nutrition is what feeds the muscles and sheds the fat. It's the key to just about every measurable goal. It helps boost your energy and mood so that you can go harder, longer stronger and more frequently in all of your daily activities. Good nutrition is essential and the last piece of the puzzle to getting the body you never ever thought you could have and deserve. So examine your limiting factors and get to work!