My daughter has an assignment she is working on with another student. I know they had to pick a topic and she said her friend chose "Why we shouldn't have homework." As I read it, I thought " I have got to share this with you!" ( I typed this exactly how she wrote it. She is 10 years old.)

“Why shouldn’t we have homework?”
Well, it wastes time! You know we have to do our chores! And we have to go to bed on time. Also, our mom has us to do other many things.
Why else shouldn’t we have homework?
Well because it’s paper (most of the time). Paper is made from trees. And the trees produce air so we could breathe. Imagine what it’s like to have absolutely no trees where you love. How sad and “airless.”
Anything else? Hmmm. Well because we would have to work on the other important things. Like planning a schedule. Or help my brother on things. Or help my sisters on things.
In conclusion, always remember to forget the homework (not really)!
Actually, always remember to do your homework, do your work in school, and do your best always!