Well, 2010 was an "okay" year. Through and through, I had some ups and downs, and some ins and outs. But its alright.

Like when we went to Oklahoma I remember it like it was last week. Mom had wokeup at about 5:30am. An hour and thirty minutes later, she's in my room getting some clothes out of my closet. I think we're going over Mrs. Kim's house for a few days. But I was wrong. We were going to Oklahoma. It took about two days to get there.

When we were there, we were at grandma's house. Within weeks, we went to school. Through out the time, I didn't like it there. One evening we were at my brother's football practice, we noticed a dark cloud in the outer sky. It got closer and closer. There was purple lightening comming from it. Thirty minutes later, we hear a loud sound comming from the megaphones on the power-lines. It's the tornado alarm!

Everyone panics and runs to their cars. We all were in the car and on our way home, we look out the windows to see what's going on. The sky is darkened with clouds. The lightening got worse and it started raining hard. We saw a yellow opening in the sky. "Maybe heaven is opeining!" said Chris. But that's where the tornado starts. We made it home safe.

But the worst is yet to come. The electricity starts blinking on and off. We're watching the news and it says there's a tornado heading our way. But here's the good news. The tornado won't touch the ground. I prayed to God and immediately everything stopped.

And I got more and more comfortable living there so much, I didn't wanna leave.