Someone I work with recently told me to "Snap Out Of It". They were right. It's time to do just that. Wether times are good or bad, we still have to dig deep and grab hold of whatever we have to stay afloat. I feel, the things I go through, hard and impossible times, times when I see no light at the end and even times when I feel alone, they are steps directing me to that Next Level I always speak of. It's really hard to smile and keep going when you feel you have nothing going for you, but patience is the key. Keep going. Keep working. Keep writing. There's always going to be that day when you realize that storm is over, you feel good because you got through it and you feel different. It's kind of like going through a tough workout or even a run. I hate running! I do think it has to do with Asthma or something but I don't run. When I do run, it sucks getting through it but boy do I feel good when it's all done. The effort I put into it, the fact that I didn't quit not one time. Next time I run, I have a goal to push just alittle longer than the last time. Eventually the run will be effortless and I can then set a different goal that will push me even harder and take me to an even higher level.

Life is the same way. Quitting and giving up is not an option. I have kids and I definately can't them see me quit. It they watch us quit and give up all the time, how can we expect them to not do the same? I encourage you to keep praying and have faith and hope. I used to hate hearing people say have faith, have hope. I felt like I did have faith and hope but I always seemed to lacking something. I never felt complete. But what completes me is knowing God has my back. Knowig I have a second chance because Jesus gave His life so I don't have to suffer and feel alone. I'm sure Jesus felt alone on the cross. Im sure He felt all the things we feel today.

You have to open up and let God do His work in you. We aren't robots. We aren't characters in a video game where we are being controlled. God wants us to come to Him, seek Him and let him in. He opens His arms up to you, but YOU have to take the step and enter in. You have to hope your heart and say, Lord help me, change me, make me whole. He will..If you let Him.