It made me think about this year 2010. When it started, I physically felt this change inside me. It was more than a new year’s resolution. It was a confidence, motivation, determination. 2010 was the “NextLevel” for me.
I vowed I would not live another day feeling as low and alone as I did. I was angry, bitter, and resentful. I had hate in me. I was cheating myself.
You won’t make it to the next level (up) with those thoughts and feelings.
So I ran. I thought I was just taking myself out of a bad situation and out of the life I hated. Instead I was running. I left the situation but I did not deal with it. There were things I needed to do and take care of. I left my work undone.
“Those who are impatient, wait twice.”
Well I’m back in the situation, right before 2011. Guess what? I’m handling my ishh this time!
When I leave this time, everyone will know it, and the door will be closed and another opened.
In the song “Take Me as I am” it says she has no regrets and she accepts the past because all these things helped make she. Had I not gone through the things I did this year I would not know what I know now. I am on a different level in many aspects of my life and it feels good.
The enemy tried to take me down many times this year. I won’t brag or challenge the enemy but I will say this, You are slick and tough, you shoot to kill, I give you that but I’m tougher.. Go home!

She’s older and wiser now, God’s got my back. How else would I have made it through?
I am confident and it’s far from over. At one point this year, a couple weeks ago, I admitted that I wish God would have taken me in that car accident I was in. I immediately asked for forgiveness because that was stupid. I was in Dallas, on a 4 lane highway, in the furthest lane to the left. I was in a car, and hit by a huge van going at least 65+ mph. I walked away with an eye swollen shut. I went home that night. I didn’t even see the inside of the ambulance or hospital. I’m here for a really good reason!
You might be able to knock me down but you can’t hold me down.
Just like my dad says:
"Byrddog, the only dog that won’t bark will bite, last to run first to fight!
Bow wow!"
This is the real me!