One of the best things my sister always told me was "you choose." Of course I didn't understand it quite like she meant. It just wasn't my time yet I guess. It too several years and going through some things, meeting certain people for me to get it.
You have to choose who you want to be with don’t let them choose you. Don't settle for the person that seems to be the only person around when you’re lonely. Choose the one who makes you laugh and smile. Choose the one who supports you and your decisions, likes and dislikes. Choose the one who knows your faults and weaknesses but looks beyond that because he knows your worth and knows what he has or would have, having you.
Choose the one you know would still bring sunshine in your worst, gloomiest day. Choose the one who encourages you to be yourself, who has seen the real you, stripped naked (not literally)... Well maybe that too! lol
This person will still love you anyway. No one is perfect but choose the one who encourages you and helps you become and continue to be a better person. Take the time to get to know your partners weaknesses. Will they have your back when you feel like you don't have one? Can you still stand strong and have their back through just about anything? Can you both hold it down for each other when you need it most in life? Now that's a life partner for ya!