Today my dad would be 64. He died a few years back. Although he isn't here. he left so much for me and my siblings. I thank God I had him as my dad. If you ask anyone who knows me well, they would agree that I'm a bit of a daddy's girl. I really miss him. I thought I would allow you to read something my dad wrote for me a while ago.

A Father’s Love

"The bible says that a hoary head, which is to say a grey head, is a crown of wisdom is it’s found in the way of the Lord. Well my head is white, and I’ve been with God quite a few years.
My children are the crown of my creation, if God will permit me to put it that way. The bible also says to raise up a child in that way they ought to go, so that when he/she is old they won’t depart from it. Many times during that endeavor, the kids think that you are crazy, or maybe even don’t love them.
Never deviate from right just to prove that you love them. To them, sometimes right seems cruel or wrong. Sometimes love is tough.
A dad can’t be a buddy, a partner , a friend.
In a father, all of these virtues are found; they are factory built by God to matter to a child at the point of life when it means the most. When it pays dividends to the child that never made an investment."
James Byrd