I came home from choir practice and looked up the song we sang "Worthy is the Lamb." I normally do that so I can practice at home. I love the harmony in that song.
I looked on You Tube for the song and I found a video with clips from Passion of Christ and the song was playing in the background. I was listening to the song and was pretty zoned out. My son came up and was watching the video with me. After the video was over, my son had this look on his face, like he was stunned at what he just saw. I wasn't thinking while the video was playing that he shouldn't be watching this.
He asked "why did that do that to Jesus? Are they going to do that to me?" He was scared and at the same time "worried about Jesus." I did my best to explain how God sent Jesus to save us. Jesus knew this was going to happen and He was brave enough to do this for us. I told him this wasn't going to happen to him, God will protect him. From then on, my son was scared to be upstairs alone, sleep alone, even shower in the bathroom with the door shut. He thought these people were going to come for him.
This was the turning point in his praye life. Prior to this, he was asked pray on youth sunday in front of the church. I never told him what to say. He did really well. After that day, I would have all my kids come together and i would have one pray, they would say amen, and i would have the next one pray, until we all prayed. I did this to show them you can pray about anything and everything. People pray and talk to God many different ways and say many different things. I wanted my kids to know they can talk to God about whatever was on their minds.
After the night of seeing the Passion of Christ video , he prayed every night and every day. He would come to me before bed and ask "Mom, can we pray?"
Now if any of you don't know, this is a moment when the devil feels like stepping in. See, when your household and your life is all unorganized and chaotic, your confused, depressed, everyone arguing nd fighting, the devil is satisified. His work there is done. But when we began to pray and seek God, the devil wasn't having that. I started getting more frustrated. Some nights when my son would ask me can we pray, i would tell him I'm busy or not right now and I would tell him to go lay down and say a pray to himself.
It was brought to my attention by my spiritual father, my counselor, that  this was the devil trying to disrupt the good thing we had going on. That was THE moment I NEEDED to pray. You can't let the devil win. That's how you fight back. That moment your down and out, or broken, don't feel like praying or seeking God, that's the moment you must do it. If you want to get out of that hole your in, you have to reach out.
When your going through your day and things happen, something comes up, things go wrong, don't think the worse. Don't say why me? Here's an example. Let's say your getting ready for work in the morning and you can't find your keys and you get really frustrated and angry because you are going to be late for work. I'll tell you what I would think... What if that was God's way of stalling you to avoid that accident or some other type of disaster? If you didn't get that job or promotion, maybe it's God saying you arent ready or maybe he's protecting you from something or someone. Maybe he has a better job, a better promotion just waiting for you. He puts us right where he wants us for our blessings, we just have to listen.
Keep praying. Keep holding on. God does not force us to come to Him. He does not force us to take his hand or His help. He is always right there, with you, beside you, waiting for you.