Ive been saying and planning for so long to start a blog. I have so many ideas and things to do with it but guess what, all it is right now is words on a piece of paper. I can sit here and think and plan and come up with all these amazing ideas but these ideas are not going to jump off the paper and come to life by itself. So guess what im doing.. the damn thang! I am one who over thinks things. Im sure there will be many times in my life when it's best to over think and re think things. I found as I sit with all my journals and notebooks full of words and plans, nothing happens. It will eventually be something interesting for those that know me to see all my juicy secrets when im gone lol, but right now I want to bring it all to life!
I have also let fear hold me hostage for too long. I fear so many things and I end up either over preparing to make sure certain things don't happen or I avoid it. Kind of like this blog. Im not afraid to write. I love writing! I just don't feel that my writing is awesome enough to put out there for millions of people to read, but I always hear others tell me I should write a book. Sometimes, many times we don't always see the beauty in ourselves, but listen to others when they tell you about it. Im really hard on myself. I'm kind of like a perfectionist. Not that i'm perfect but I want everything I do to be perfect. If I don't feel I can make it perfect, I won't do it at all until I feel I can make it perfect. I noticed that nothing gets done that way. There is no waiting for the right time or the perfect time. Our "right time" may pass us right on by. Do it now... Just do the damn thang!